7 comments on “Taking the Plunge

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  2. On the subject of water temperature, I’ve found it is a matter of being used to it. I live in the Venezuelan Andes, and whenever you happen to get to one of our high mountain rivers, the water is quite freezing (it comes down from +3500m asl lagoons) and people just dip in the ponds they form, the only risks are getting into the main current or a sudden increase in water level because of rain if you happen to not be aware is raining atop the range peaks. Even in our tropical sea also, there always are patches of cold water below the surface and light cold currents one happen to cross when swimming or walking next to the shore. As you stated, is a thing of knowing everyone’s limitations and common sense.


  3. I certainly do enjoy the feeling of being nude. Many countries just want to cover up and God forbid you see anyone naked! Imagine what this world would be like if everyone was naked.


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