4 comments on “Live Most Of Your Life Naked

  1. My wife and I pretty much do this , as we live in Thailand, and can be nude 24/7/365. We have our house set up so we can go out to the yard and swimming pool, put up washing, do what ever we want and be nude around the house. Our friends know we are naturist and if they come to visit us, we might be nude.

    The weather in Thailand is perfect for naturism and there is a growing organization Naturist Association of Thailand, that has events and such.


  2. I love being naked 99.9% of the time I never wear any underwear when I go out. When I do go out I’m very uncomfortable wearing clothes I wish I could go everywhere naked. Recently I introduced my girlfriend into the nudist lifestyle she now,goes to sleep with me naked we are not ashamed of showing off our naked bodies to each other. I figured out that if Adam and Eve were not ashamed of being naked then why should anyone else ? I started loving to be naked at 9 years old and quit wearing underwear then also I am proud to be a nudist.


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