5 comments on “Societies Shame

  1. Of course we get comments like that because the numpties miss the point completely – we get naked for OUR benefit, not theirs!


  2. “In Australia the sun always shines!” my uncle announced when he returned to Gouda. “THAT’s where we have to go!” exclaimed my father and so it’s not surprising that I connected with naturism/nudism so easily once I encountered my first contact with it!


    • O.K.! I’ve not used my other pseudonym (A Sydney Naturist) as much, lately. I am now also further away from the legal venues and without a car. Such a shame that the beaches within walking distance, here, are not ‘clothes optional’!


      • Luckily anywhere here is legal whether people used them is another matter and of course the weather isn’t always kind either 😄

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