2 comments on “KAOS

  1. Even before Live Aid and KAOS, there were the Sixties–Summer of Love, Woodstock, and all that. Speaking as someone watching this from a safe distance, it seemed that something nearly happened amid the drugs, “free love” and self-destructiveness; the “monetarized system” nearly got exposed for what it is. Shortly we had the Carter presidency; and while it was a failure on some levels, two big things happened on Carter’s watch: the Panama canal was given back to Panama, signaling a reversal of American colonialism, and Anwar Sadat and Menachem Begin signed a peace agreement at Camp David, ending decades of hostility between Israel and Egypt. But then came the Reagan years, beginning a decades-long rebound of the military-industrial-financial-corporate complex. Yet in the last five years we’ve had Occupy Wall Street, Black Lives Matter, and now Standing Rock, all aimed at the heart of this complex. (The Tea Party should have been part of this, but it was hijacked.)

    Will the system be exposed for what it is? Will it happen in time to save the humans? Tune in next week when the US will have selected the face of the “free world.”


    • All this history seems fairly normal considering what could occur next week other than my 53rd birthday 😳


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