2 comments on “Comfort and Preference

  1. Interested in your suggestion that children ‘start to develop modesty’. If this is happens naturally, like growing taller or losing baby teeth, it suggests that clothing is inevitable and nakedness is wrong. Surely the ‘development’ of modesty is a result of outside influences, either parents uncertain of their principles as their children grow, or the children’s backing away in the face of peer pressure to conform or their parents’ injunction to ‘don’t tell anyone we’re naked at home’.


  2. I blame Disney Channel and other children’s tv for this development of modesty. It’s a common gag to put a (remakably always male) child in a situation of being unclothed in front of his peers, showing the child panic, and showing everyone he sees reacting with revulsion. A few years ago a commercial for a minivan showed a boy getting doused with water. He proceeded to remove all his clothes, and sit proudly in his seat. The girls in the car look disgusted, yet the baby just giggles. Media has a powerful impact on childrens’ minds, reenforcing modesty and opposition to nudity, as a norm.


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